Hot young All American Derek poses in his c-thru undies taking a piss then jerking his dick at Island Studs

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Island Studs says: Tall beefy bearded, all American lumberjack, big dick Derek is back and he’s proudly showing off his fat mushroom head 8-inch cock and ripped 8-pack of ab muscles.

Derek has a bearded face with a big hunk-friendly smile, a massive muscle butt, and sexy footballer’s thighs. As he raises his arms we see his dark hairy armpits and once fully naked we see his full pubic bush of dark manly dick hair.

He poses flexing big biceps in different positions showing off his super sexy c-thru mesh “hardcore” undies that leave little to the imagination.

They fully expose his furry thick man cock and big hairy ball sack and as he jerks his massive 8-inch boner wearing a Hawaiian grass hula skirt, it can barely contain his big hairy blue-collar man butt.

As Derek bends over with his hairy ass in the camera, he grabs his butt cheeks and spreads them wide open, a wide smile breaking across his sexy face.

While he’s jerking away at his super thick 8-inch cock to a full throbber his low hanging balls jingle-jangle between his muscled thighs.

Then Derek demonstrates his professional tree trimmer saddle, which grips his thick thighs and firm ass whilst his huge cock and big balls hang out of the leather harness.

He climbs up a tall 70-foot tree with his chainsaw, wearing only his saddle and spikes on his boots in a fully erotic nude rock hard and dangerous tree trimming session in the Hawaiian forest.

Yes, again watch Derek as his meaty man butt cheeks open wide revealing his bright pink virgin manhole with his big balls dangling menacingly before proudly posing for more photos with his sweaty body and cock fully covered in sawdust.

Derek calls sawdust “straight man glitter” as he smiles into the camera while taking two long powerful pisses with a swollen cock.

He then sits down in the garden for a long jerk-off session wearing a ceremonial Hawaiian Kakui nut Lei around his fat neck and a holiday Santa hat.

All the while manhandling his big balls and playing with his rock-hard belly slapper.

Then without warning, he starts to moan loudly before he unloads busting a big creamy load of man juice all over the Lei around his neck and his furry chest.

All soaked in his own cum load he wanders over to the wash himself cleanr at the outdoor shower, playfully soaping up his big man butt and dick.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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