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Luke Milan

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Don’t be fooled by Luke Milan! Luke Milan Next Door Male says: Don’t be fooled by Luke Milan’s modest act. Beyond his claims of being a mellow, reserved individual, there lies a bevy of secrets betraying his inner freak. He…

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Ellis Barr

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Ellis rubs pre-cum between his fingers! Next Door Male says: Ellis Barr grabs his cock at the base and starts working it with both hands, fingering the head a bit and rubbing the pre-cum between his fingers, losing his pent…

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Marco Ratillo

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Former gymnast turned body builder, Marco jerks out a load! Marco Ratillo Next Door Male says: Marco Ratillo is a cannonball of energy, barely able to sit still, budding with energy like the spring flowers in bloom all around him.…

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Cameron Johnson

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Fight stuntman Cameron unzips his cover-all to reveal his hard muscled body!…… Next Door Male says: Cameron Johnson is a bad boy, originally from Queens, who has found a way to turn hard knocks into success, and also how to…

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Jordan James

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Jordan spreads his legs with his massive cock at full tilt!…… Next Door Male says: Fondling his taint with his off-hand, Jordan James runs his fingers up and down his shaft. He teases his head and massaging his balls, before…

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Without warning Chuck sprays the mirror with his thick load!…… Next Door Male says: Chuck stands upright and works his dick some more, moving over to the mirror as he flexes his bicep. Then without warning he sprays the mirror…

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