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Vaughn’s hairy bush and ass! Chaos Men says: If you like dudes with fully natural pubes, you are bound to get a hair caught in the back of your throat with Vaughn. The boy has got major bush. See Vaughn…

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Heath and Ransom

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Heath and Ransom bareback raw ass fuck!….. Chaos Men says: Ransom as usual, was holding off on not busting the entire time, and by the time he was riding Heath’s cock, he just let it fly. Heath instinctively scooped up…

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Braxton and Vander

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Raw ass fucking Braxton & Vander! Chaos Men says: Braxton just keeps pushing his limits. He had seen Vander on the website and knew he was in for a mouthful. I made sure to tell him to do some jaw-stretching…

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Baker and Bryan

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Baker worked up to the edge of orgasm spurts out a huge cumshot!…… Chaos Men says: Baker took a new fancy job. It required him to go away for 4 weeks training, and then he came back and started his…

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Kristopher and Tobin

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Straight dudes Kristopher and Tobin bareback raw ass fucking!….. Chaos Men says: After Tobin’s dick gave up on him during his shoot with Taylor, we both pretty much figured he was going to have to bottom with Kristopher. He even…

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Cooper Reed and Palmer

ChaosMen naked men big dicks Cooper Reed Palmer gay flip flop fuck sexy gym guys rimming fucking cocksucking 001 tube download torrent gallery sexpics photo 768x513 - Cooper Reed and Palmer

Gym dudes Cooper and Palmer bareback raw ass fucking!…… Chaos Men says: With Palmer moving ahead full-steam though this limits, I wanted again to put him with someone who really knows what they are doing and could also flip-flop fuck…

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Corban and Jonas

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I didn’t count on Corban being so donkey-dicked! Chaos Men says: I sure underestimated Corban’s cock size when pairing him with Jonas. I knew Jonas was going to be in town to do a full-scene, and he is such an…

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Greyson and Shiloh

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Greyson and Shiloh trade oral swallowing each others cocks!…… Chaos Men says: This is not your average peep video, but more like a Serviced video. Greyson and Shiloh clearly have a thing going on, and it is fun watching them…

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Armani and Jonas

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Straight hunk Armani first time bottoming and Jonas takes his virgin ass!….. Chaos Men says: 24 year old straight ripped hunk Armani is into more mature girls, his current girlfriend is ten years older, so it was interesting to see…

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