Bentley Race

Skippy Baxter jerks his huge dick in the hot tub

Bentley Race says: I pulled my mate Skippy Baxter aside at one of his recent shoots to do a little solo modelling for me. It’s actually hard to pull him away from my other mates. I really wanted to get shots of him alone in the hot tub.

Skippy has been working out a lot lately and the results are really starting to show. Eventually I got him to get completely naked in the water. Of course stroking his cock under the water was his own direction. I love shooting with Skippy.

He’s a lot of fun to hang out with. At one stage during this shoot he spots an older lady out on her balcony watching us taking the photos. He didn’t mind one bit. The shoot didn’t last long before his co-star was dragging him away again.

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