Str8 Chaser Pizza Delivery

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Reality Dudes says: When hot pizza guy Nic Sahara showed up with my food, I suddenly had a different kind of hunger.

Nic told me business had been slow lately and he was low on cash, so I thought he might be interested in earning some easy money.

He wasn’t sure about sucking my dick for a hundred bucks, but when I upped my offer to $140, he didn’t just take it out and stroke it, he even sucked it.

I was really horny, so I asked if I could fuck him for some more bills, and he bent over and let me penetrate his tight little hole doggy style.

He liked it so much he started begging for my dick as I pounded him missionary style and then jacked his cock as I came on his ass.

His orgasm was so intense he couldn’t believe it.

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