Jack Windsor and Max Henderson

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English Lads says: Max Henderson is a well built, sexy looking guy; muscled, handsome and with a fair number of tattoos decorating his fine physique. We’ve paired him with Jack Windsor, who we all know and love, and the two guys really hit it off relaxed in each other’s company and have a good laugh.

Before you know it both lads are in their boxers on the bed and playing around they tease out each other’s cocks, and when hard start sword fighting two large uncut cocks there’s nothing better.

Jack shows Max how to suck, and then Max practices on Jack in fact he’s so relaxed with the whole man-on-man thing, that he lets Jack lube up his hole, and run his finger over it while wanking.

Both lads lay on their backs to shoot, Jack cums first, then keeps an interested look over Max while he shoots a thick load.




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